Our Ethos

The Pyran community is focused on creating a friendly environment in which to game, regardless of race, creed, gender or species. We speak English as our primary language but we welcome other languages and are happy to create space in our community for groups of players who speak common languages.  

Pyran Structure

We have no officers, we have volunteers who help run community events. Any member can volunteer to run a guild, event or group for any game. Any major guild decisions (such as offering membership to someone) are taken by everyone using a voting system. Applications are approved or denied by volunteers within the community. Alternatively, people can join from a referral of someone already in thie community. 

Platform/Age Limit

We welcome applications from PC gamers aged 18+. At the moment, the average age of people in the community is 25-45.  We play both competitively and non-competitively.

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